Bombing Pakistan: Candidates Debate a Moot Point

McCain ObamaWhen Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama said last year that air strikes against Pakistan were a viable option, much controversy was made of it. The Senator was called naive and inexperienced in foreign policy. But Obama’s mistake was not the strategy he proposed, but expressing that strategy out loud.

That’s what his rival John McCain said during last Friday’s Presidential debate: “[Obama] said that he would launch military strikes into Pakistan. Now, you don’t do that. You don’t say that out loud.”

Apparently McCain’s problem is that when you bomb an ally, you do it on the sly. Like his fellow Republican, President Bush is already doing.

Yes, we are already bombing Pakistan. But the foreign policy advisers of both candidates apparently failed to inform them.

Not only are we dropping bombs into Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province from unmanned drones, but the Pakistani Army is now firing back. A few days ago, they shot down an unmanned drone. Most recently, NATO helicopters were fired at as they strayed into Pakistani territory.

Embarrassingly for John McCain, his running mate Sarah Palin, who appears increasingly clueless, was caught on tape saying exactly what Barack Obama said – that the US should bomb Pakistan if it needed to. Watching the McCain campaign do numerous double flips to retract her comments and defend her is dizzying to watch.