Palin Not Ready Now, Or Ever

Two Montreal-based radio hosts pulled a prank so obvious on Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin that I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

The Masked Avengers, comprising comedians Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Trudel convinced the gullible governor that she was being graced by a personal call from the French premier Nicolas Sarkozy. Not several seconds until after they revealed their prank openly to her did she realize what had happened.

The fake French accent didn’t give it away. Neither did the joke about Sarkozy being able to see Belgium from France, like she can see Russia.

Palin did not realize she was the butt of a joke when “Sarkozy” said he could see her as president. She replied, giggling, “maybe in 8 years.” God help us.

She didn’t get it when he joked about liking hunting and enjoying killing animals – instead she responded by wanting to join him on a working hunt – literally “killing two birds with one stone.”

She didn’t get it when he discussed his wife Carla who is “hot in bed” and jealous that he was having a conversation with Palin. Palin said, “give her a hug from me.” Aww…

But the absolute worst moment was when the the comedian playing Sarkozy joked about liking the “edgy documentary” about Palin’s life – the shameless Hustler porn video, Nailin’ Palin. Palin responded by saying, “good”!

How could a woman who falls for such an obvious prank be ready for the VP post of the wealthiest, most armed country in the world? In six minutes of obvious prank-like comments by a bubbly sounding, fake-accented comedian, she remained star-struck and awed.

How did this woman get to be mayor of a small town, forget about governor of a state, or VP candidate of a major party? She does not even have the brains to lead a PTA chapter in Wasilla.

If this prank is not enough to convince the 43% of voters who support McCain that Palin was the worst possible choice, I don’t know what is.