The Ignorance and Selfishness of Drilling

gas guzzlerWith the chorus of “Drill baby, drill,” emanating from the halls of the Republican National Convention, Republicans (and to a lesser extent, Democrats) have latched onto what they consider an important election-era economic issue that will draw American votes.

And, as this Pew Research poll shows, they are correct in assuming the utter selfishness and ignorance of Americans.

As a society we seem to balk at the increased price of gas far more than that of milk and vegetables. Our gas guzzling tanks are more precious than food on the table.

So when Karl Rove and his proteges capitalize on such sentiments by announcing oil drilling as a way to lower prices at the pump, Americans rejoice.

polar bearsAnd we stick McCain-Palin signs on our front lawns blissful at the prospect of saving a few hundred dollars a year, some day in the distant future, when all the polar bears and glaciers are gone, when our wallets are empty and our stomachs growling, but our oil executives are fat and rich and our cars purring and gleaming.

First of all, drilling will not lower oil prices – not for a VERY long time. Who says so? The US government. Really. According to the Energy Information Administration, which releases official energy statistics from the government, offshore oil drilling “would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030.” Read the whole report here.

Secondly, what we lose as a result of this drilling is far too precious and irreversible. The Natural Resources Defense Council, in an excellent report on the impact of oil drilling on the environment, urges us to rethink this madness: Drilling for oil could seriously damage our oceans, coastal communities and marine life.

5 thoughts on “The Ignorance and Selfishness of Drilling”

  1. Interesting that you don’t mention the fact that drilling in North America will help us to eventually free ourselves completely of need for foreign oil. Not right away, of course- but it is one measure of many we can take to eliminate our dependence on the oil reserves of backward-thinking primitives in far-away lands.

  2. Drive, Baby, drive. That’s the stupidity that messed up the world. Oh, murderers, thieves and liars will always dominate humanity–the species is programmed that way. There’s not enough oil left under North America to lubricate our machines, let alone power them! The age of oil will end soon. My advice for those that want to escape right now is to drive a far as they can out into the desert and get bit by a rattler or scorpion–it’ll put you back in the real world, and help wash a lifetime of what you know away. It’ll prepare you for the Great Holocaust that is coming.

  3. There is no “dependence” on foreign oil. They are no “backward-thinking primitives.” Our own fascists and eugenisicsts are profiting from their traitorous relations with like minded others in oil rich, liberty poor countries. The technology exists to eliminate the “oil problem.” But our fascists make too much money from oil wars for that to happen any time soon. Have your son or daughter enlist–you can cry over their dead bodies when you are handed a flag and thanked for defending despots.

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