Will Republican Hypocrisy Know No Depths?

hypocritesBarack Obama has a cult of celebrity but Sarah Palin’s popularity is legitimate because she’s just “one of us.”

Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists, but John McCain, who has links to a group that supported terrorist death squads in Central America, is above board.

Barack Obama is a “Chicago politician,” with implied ties to the mob, while Sarah Palin’s questionable conduct as Governor, under an ethics investigation for improper abuse of authority, is not relevant.

Barack Obama is not being “forthright” with voters, even though he has written books and has had years of public scrutiny, while Sarah Palin, who burst onto the public scene less than 2 months ago, is completely transparent and trust-worthy.

Barack Obama would be bad for the economy, even though he’s proposing tax cuts to the middle class, while John McCain, who pushed and continues to push deregulation, would somehow strengthen this failing economy.

I suppose desperate poll numbers call for desperate, underhanded measures. But, I think this time Americans won’t fall for the hypocrisy.

3 thoughts on “Will Republican Hypocrisy Know No Depths?”

  1. It is so obvious to me that the people standing up at McCain/Palin rally’s are plants. I cannot believe that no one has mentioned this or check ed them out, at least I haven’t heard about it. Do you remember the busloads of young Republicans that were sent to Florida to storm the offices of the people counting the votes and banging on the doors?

  2. The current Executive has enlarged the profitable wars of his predecessors. Have your son or daughter enlist. You can cry over their dead bodies when you are handed a flag as thanks for defending despots. 09-19-09

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