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Submitted on 22 October 2008 at 11:32 pm

while interesting…My first question is…WHICH national politician OR presidential politician represented an average american…an who decides who is average? The guy on the bottom looking up and complaining about what the world owes them, or the person who chose to do something with their life who get’s peanalized by the american dream to support the rest….How many politicians are affected by the taxes they propose? WHICH politician is going to give me back the property taxes since my house is worth less now…much bigger issues than clothes…nobody ever mentioned what Hillary spent. On Legal defense or clothes. and since it was th RNC’s money..it should be in the who cares column…get a life.
Reublican hypocrisy is only rivaled by democratic hypocrisy. IF you really think you know politics…find out who were Obama’s closest friends, advisors,supporters and religous advisors VS. who he claims to be today.
Seems who he wanted to be before his campaign went national might be closer to who your gonna get should he get elected…

Theresa Crowley
Submitted on 23 October 2008 at 6:10 am

Well,I must say that the republican running VP does not know what the word ECONOMY really means,I will give them a clue and it is not SPENDING TO IMPROVE YOUR LOOKS,that is wayyyyyyy too much money to spend at the present time and or any other time,the children comes first,and hopefully college is in for their college.
Mrs. C

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