Even More Republican Hypocrisy – Spending, Earmarks, and Taxes

A nice piece of reporting in USA Today exposes yet another aspect of Republican hypocrisy: with all of McCain’s talk of “reigning in spending,” “cutting taxes,” and “eliminating pork barrel legislation,” it appears as though his running mate has done exactly the opposite during her tenures as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska.

Apparently John McCain lied about Palin not seeking earmarks as governor. In fact Palin “asked Washington for $197 million in earmarks this year, down from $254 million the year before.” As mayor of Wasilla, Palin acquired $27 million in earmarked federal funding – Wasilla had a whopping 5000 residents when Palin was mayor!

On the issue of spending, Palin’s list of expenses make for entertaining reading. According to reporter Ken Dilanian:

As governor, Palin has signed off on $402,000 to study the arctic fox; $154,000 for renovations to three gun clubs and $125,000 for the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, state records show. Her budgets have funded $44,500 to spruce up a ski resort, $75,000 for the Arctic Thunder Air Show and $50,000 to improve a Little League field in the Mat-Su Valley near her hometown of Wasilla.

(Sounds just as bad as spending hundreds of thousands on a planetarium in Chicago, no?)

Palin also increased taxes on oil companies – a laudable act that should be mimicked nationwide, but that is now decried by the McCain-Palin campaign as being antithetical to capitalism, perhaps even socialist (gasp!).

Perhaps McCain should have checked Palin’s record against his own campaign platform before her picked her.

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