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Submitted on 21 August 2005 at 8:58 pm

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your informative roundup.

As a Bangladeshi I give my 2 cents here:
Alhough the terrorists were home-grown, an operation of this magnitude (imagine 49 of 50 states in USA) had to be well planned. There was atleast 1500-2000 people involved and the costs would have been somewhere around $1,00,000 – $1 million. Now that is a hefty sum for a poor country like Bangladesh. What the government and the Islami parties are trying to say that probably these were some lunatics who are going out of control. But I suspect an international terror link and huge funding from abroad. The terrorist networks which exist since 1990s (after some 2500 Bangladeshis came back from Afghanistan war) have received millions of dollars so far from Middle East and Arab countries. It would be interesting to learn who backed these terrorist outfits but I suspect it would be never divulged.

Probably the big frustrations of these terrorists is that the main Islami parties (which are controversial to general Bangladeshis and represents 5-10% of the pouplar support) are also active participants in the democracy. People suspect that some Islami parties have terrorist outfits, but I think the 18/7 bombings surprised the Islami parties also.

I think these terrorists have dared this much because of the government’s approach in denying that terrorists exist in Bangladesh. The investigations of many previous bomb attacks (specially the Aug 21, 2004) bomb attacks against the opposition leader) were politicised and the opposition also played a role in it by not co-operating with the goverment.

There is a rumour in the country that it is a ploy to destabilize the country so that some other third force like the military can take over. Whichever way the things are going it is frustrating for us.

Whatever the World Bank says (the population has also doubled since 1972), We know that albeit all the natural calamities, limited resources, poor infrastructure, political unrest and other impediments Bangladesh is growing at a steady rate and we are almost self sufficient in feeding 140 million people.

The West should help in not turning this country into a famine ridden war zone like some of the African countries. We do not want aid, we need partners for development and free trade opportunities so that we can deal with our own problems. We want friends rather than masters and believe me Bangladeshis are good friends if you get to know anyone of them somewhere.

Jim Ingalls
Submitted on 22 August 2005 at 5:39 pm

Thanks, Rezwan for providing that context.

People should check out Rezwan’s insightful blog The 3rd world view, which in addition to his own analysis, has a lot of links to commentary on the bombings.


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